Developing Healthy Sexuality

Having healthy sexuality is a life preserver. It protects our relationships, families and sense of self. The idea is that if you integrate it well and you relate to your sexuality in terms of how it blesses your life and the life of someone you love then you have the ability to use this powerful force to do great goodness in your life and to really experience the capacity for great joy and love. You can’t have that without the real integration of your sexuality and then loving and being loved through your sexuality.

Sadly most of us have received confusing messages about sexuality and as a result we may have internalized the idea that it is bad, and that this is a negative behavior. We may have developed serious shame in regards to sexuality or feel like we are doing something bad if we experience desire or pleasure. The problem with this type of unhealthy relationship to sexuality, besides the obvious, is that in reality that drives more anxiety and more focus on sexuality in a negative sense. We end up fluctuating between repression and indulgence and/or many of us push it down or push it away and it works against that integration we really need. Sexuality becomes a negative force in our lives and has the potential to create more compulsivity around our sexuality. This is one of the root causes of pornography and sex addiction. It can also be a culprit of the opposite end of the spectrum like low sex drive, lack of desire and/or sexual dysfunction.

It is important to understand that sexuality is much more than sex. Healthy sexuality is emotional, social, cultural, and physical. It includes our values, attitudes, feelings, interactions, and behaviors.

At Living Well Counseling Center we specialize in helping you become healthy in terms of your sexuality. We understand the emotional, physical and yes, even spiritual components of healthy sexuality, and use this model to aide in your healing process.

What are some of the positive effects of having healthy sexuality?

  • You would be an equal match for any prepared sexual partner.
  • You would understand that being created in God’s image, we possess sexual feelings and potential that He not only wants and expects from us, but that He too possesses and feels.
  • You would have a very clear knowledge of how sexuality fits into your divine godly heritage.
  • Your sexuality can be used as a life preserver by honoring that heritage and using your robustly nourished sexuality within your marriage to keep it alive and flourishing.
  • You would have a healthy relationship with and respect for your sexual anatomy, which would include being kind and loving toward your body and having passion for its capacity-such relationship would elevate marital intimacy.
  • You would have a deep understanding of how sexual expression foundationally bonds and attaches us to those we sexually relate to and would relish this with your companion.
  • Sexual expression can feel entirely vulnerable and be a way of honoring your body and developing a deep spiritual, emotional and physical bond with your spouse.
  • Women can celebrate being women who want, need, and feel sexual desires differently than men.
  • Men can celebrate being men, with the understanding that men and women can learn to enjoy their sexual differences.
  • Married couples can then create exciting, beautiful and erotic sexual experiences that will allow both the man and the woman to be fulfilled while creating the desire to share such experiences with only the person they are married to.

These are just a few of the benefits that come with healthy sexuality and sexual healing. If any of the above sound like something you could benefit from please give us a call and let’s work together to develop your healthy sexuality. We respectfully can integrate your spirituality, value system or faith into the process if you wish.

If you have experienced abuse, assault, or addiction you can heal and have healthy sexuality. We can help you!

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